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Association of Primorye Fish Industry Companies Association of Primorye Fish Industry Companies Association of Primorye Fish Industry Companies
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The history of the Association

First steps


A group of fishery enterprises of Primorye established the Association of Primorye fishermen.


The Association is reorganized into the Association of Primorye fish industry companies

December, 2003

In the history of the Association there has been opened a new page: in order to raise the effectiveness there has been reorganized the APFIC structure. The APFIC became a powerful force, uniting the Primorye fishermen. Within the framework of the Association there have been established the working groups in order to solve the most ardent issues.

Present day

The Association comprises 47 companies engaged in catching, processing and trading with fish and sea species in Russia and abroad. TURNIF JSC, Nakhodka BAMR JSC, ROLIZ JSC, DALRYBA JSC, Fishing kolkhoz Vostok-1 JSC, YuzhMorRybFlot JSC, RPK Poseidon company limited, Intraros JSC this is far the full list of the companies actively working within the APFIC. The leaders of the industry, small and medium companies are equally participating in solving the important issues within the APFIC. The constructive cooperation with different levels of the power and control bodies and agencies permits to the Association to actively work simultaneously at several directions, actual for fishermen.

Real results

Last year we managed to do a lot within the framework of the APFIC:

among the legislative initiatives, appeared due to the APFIC the draft of amendments to the Federal Law On the RF State Border. The Association took part in the elaboration of the report for the Presidium of the RF State Council On the development and raising the competitiveness of the RF fishery industry;

  • there has been settled the issue of the vessel formalities to fish within the territorial waters;

  • thanks to the APFIC activities the has been lifted off the Decree on introducing the gray Sea-urchin into the list of auction species the financial effect amounted to some more than $6 million;

  • the Association promotes the products of the members enterprises to the world markets;

  • thanks to the activities of the APFIC there has been published the new bill On the fishing and preserving the marine living resources;

  • for the second year the Association is taking part into the organization of inter-agencies operational groups to fight the poaching in the high sea and at the spawning rivers;

A glance to the future

However there is much to do. Within the APFIC there are working the six working groups, which are solving issues of importance for all the fishery community:

  • there is underway the project on uniting the fishery companies financial resources to arrange an effective work with the banks;

  • there is being elaborated the mechanism for the secondary market of the shares to catch the marine live resources;

  • there are being created the conditions to introduce the new capabilities for ashore fish processing.

We are open for cooperation

The Association of the Primorye fish industrycompanies makes part of a numerous professional unions of fishermen both in Russia and abroad. The APFIC is the member of the Association of the Far East fishery industrialists, the All-Russia Association of fishing industrial enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters. Were actively participating to the activity of the Primorye Fishing-industrial Council, Russian-American Pacific partnership, Pacific Rim fisheries program, World Wildlife Fund. We are closely cooperating with the Administration of the Primorye territory: within the framework of such cooperation the companies making part of the APFIC are executing sponsorship to local social institutions.

The goal is the unity

The main goal standing in front of the Association is the further consolidation of the regions fishermen to solve our COMMON tasks. To-day it is understandable for everyone: one cant do anything alone. Only united the fishermen of the Far East would be capable to improve the conditions of their work and to do everything for the development of their industry. We are ready to assert the rights of the fishermen community at the highest level. The Association has everything for that: the experience of work, construed and effective structure, the mechanism of adopting the decisions, availability of a confiding dialogue with the powers. The APFIC is open for the new participants. To-day the time of active and decisive actions has come. And we are ready for this work. The fishermen are uniting to overcome!

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