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English version About us APFIC President Appeal by the APFIC President. March, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to an active work of the Association a lot of positive changes took place in the Primorye fishery industry. There was made much in the sphere of law-making, modernization of taxes, development of ship-building, protection of Primorye fishermen interests. The APFIC role in the social-political life of the Territory has grown significantly. Our aim is to lead until the logic end all those projects and to continue the work to raise the competitiveness of the Primorye fishery industry.

We believe that the fishery-industrial complex of the country will be stably developing only within the conditions of more modern legal-normative base. First of all its necessary to finish the elaboration of the Federal Law On fishery and the preservation of marine living resources, as in order for it to be fully operational there should be adopted some thirty amendments.

We will continue to defend the fishermens right for the re-distribution of quotas and for abolishing the double taxation for the use of marine living resources. Besides, we believe it will be imminent to achieve the liquidation of an artificial division of integrated industrial resources into quotas of the exclusive economic zone and the coastal quotas, as well as to reach the reduction of fees rates for the use of marine living resources and their lifting up for low profitable and low use industrial species.

Its necessary finally to work out the mechanism of multiple crossing the 12-miles zone by fishery vessels. As a matter of fact the Law, which simplifies the crossing of the State border, entered into force, but the lack of the mechanism of its realization results in quotas arent fully used.

Aquaculture acquired the status of the Federal purpose program for the development of the agro-industrial complex. And our task is to elaborate and to promote the Federal Law On Aquaculture. Our enterprises engaged in this kind of activity have no legal protection as of to-day. We have all the possibilities to wage this work until the logic end.

Combating the poaching is another direction of the work within the framework of raising the effectiveness and competitiveness of the industry. These are the investments into the future of the fishery-industrial complex. For the Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies this kind of activity has always been a priority one, as the poaching inflicts heavy damage not only to the State, but to law-obedient fishermen. Thats why the APFIC is trying to protect the resource with what the Primorye fishermen work, by organizing the patrolling the fishing areas and joint raids with the administration and the law-enforcement agencies representatives.

On can overcome this evil only at the account of a complex of measures, legal and enforcement, by involving the business structures to the solution through self-regulated organizations and by adopting reasonable international relations.

Its very important to do it in the way the other countries do not accept the Russian illegal products. Alongside with that our task is to ensure the economic unprofitability of the poaching, by preparing the economic ground for such a situation. A principal decision there could be the introduction of obligatory declaration of marine living resources in Russian ports with the further simplified procedure of clearance for the fishery vessels. This measure will give a serious economic effect in the form of the secondary processing development on the territory of our country.

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