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Events and facts May 25, 2006

Joint efforts of fishermen and the United Russia lead to positive results.

On May 24 the State Duma has adopted in the third reading the Draft of the Federal Law On the State border of the Russian Federation.

This bill is aimed at simplifying the procedure of the State border crossing by the fishing vessels at catching thus to significantly reduce the time for vessel clearance then to avoid huge economic losses. The APFIC President, Dmitriy Glotov, considers a positive fact, that the State Duma isnt delaying the process of forming the bill, which would ease the work of the fishermen: Simplifying the procedure of the border crossing would reduce the losses of time and better the economic indices of the fishing enterprises, would raise the effectiveness of using the water live resources and would give a possibility for the development of the ashore processing. An artificial barrier between a fisherman and a fish must have been lifted off long time ago. For one year and a half the bill has been adjusted and for the one year and a half the fishermen have been suffering losses. A great role in promoting it has been played by theAssociation ofPrimorye fish industrycompanies together with the Administration of the Primorye territory. It isnt known, for how long the bill would have been going around the corridors of Power, if not for the support of the United Russia fraction. At the meeting with Vladimir Pekhtin, the deputy leader of the fraction, we have discussed this problem. In the beginning of February at the fractions session this bill has been adopted as a priority one. It was immediately discussed at the sessions of several other committees, then it was delivered for consideration to the State Duma and, here it is, it is adopted in the third reading. It is a very serious help from the United Russia to the fishermen of our country. However as of to-day its worth paying attention at an important moment. It should be correct to adopt the bill all-together with the Rules of the simplified crossing the border. At present its necessary to elaborate them. The experience is, that without the fishermen attention the issue may once again stay idle. Anyhow, we have an earned experience of collaboration with the United Russia, thus we have much more optimism now.

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