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Events and facts May 24, 2006

The fishermen have discussed the current problems of the industry.

The ardent issues of the fishery industry have bee discussed at the Primorye Fishing-Industrial Council on May 23.

To more than $50 million have amounted the losses of the Far East fishermen after the

Okhotsk sea Alaska Pollock season ended. That was the conclusion made by the fishery industrialists of Primorye at the regular session of the Primorye fishing-industrial Council. It is ten times as much as the losses of the previous year, when the losses amounted to five million dollars. Such unconsoling results are due to the mass over-fishing of Alaska Pollock for the sake of its roe, while the main bulk of the fish caught is being thrown overboard. With that the shown production output of roe amounts to 10-12%. As of to-day not the Alaska Pollock is being caught, but its roe that is the fishermen saying to-day. During the recent making up the results of the Okhotsk sea Alaska Pollock season at the latest session of the APFIC Council, the fishery industrialists of Primorye have come to a common conclusion, that the percentage of the roe production output mustnt exceed the normative of 4.5%, established by scientists and approved by the Federal Agency for fishing.

Also at the Councils session there were regarded the issues of the bear-shore fishing problem. One of the most important of them making the contracts on joint use of quotas by the fishing enterprises. As of to-day the issue of quotas transference isnt envisaged by the Federal legislation. For this reason in 2005 the fishing enterprises havent used neither quotas in the near shore zone, nor in their economic sub-zones. The year 2006 may turn out to be a catastrophe.

An important moment within the problem of the near shore fishing is the issue of registration and the technical supervision over the small-scale fleet. As of to-day this procedure has been unjustifiably complicated. Sea ports authorities are applying to the small-scale fleet quite the same requirements as for the large-tonnage one. They dont permit for the small-scale vessels to go for fishing. It inflicts to the companies-owners and to the State a heavy economic damage. Its necessary to elaborate unified legal requirements to the registration and to the technical supervision over the small-scale vessel and to simplify these procedures, the first vice-president of the APFIC, Alexander Platonov believes.

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