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Events and facts » May 19, 2006

To-day there took place the regular session of the APFIC Council

The results of the

Okhotsk sea Alaska Pollock season of 2006 there have been discussed to-day at the regular session by the APFIC Council members. Controversial conclusions there have been made in the report of the Dalryba JSC representative, the chief of the

Okhotsk sea expedition, Nikolay Kovalenko. In spite of unfavorable conditions for catching, the TAC for Alaska Pollock has been used quite fully, at 96%. However, during the catching there have been violated the rules of fishing by certain vessels and that led to the fact, that the resulting indices of the Alaska Pollock roe production output is significantly exceeding the scientifically grounded normative. As of to-day the percentage of the roe production output is established by the science at 4.5%, while as a result of the expedition it has been exceeded 1.5 times as a minimum. The problem, according to the specialists is the lack of the control over the catching. That is why, one of the ways to solve the problem there could become the establishing of an official body, with corresponding authorities, which would supervise the catching right at sea.

During the discussion of the issue of preparation for the Federal Aimed program to develop the fishing-industrial complex of Russia, the members of the Council have come to a conclusion, that for the Primorye fishery companies it’s very important to elaborate a unified position to develop a competent, satisfying the interests of all the companies system of renovating the main fishery capital.

An important moment of the meeting used to be the issue of a prospective for development of the sea-farming in Primorye. To-day especially in this sphere the territory could become the leading one in

Russia. It is being favored by climatic conditions and the scientific base. However, as of to-day there aren’t solved the legal issues in the sphere of the sea-farming.

The specialists have come to a conclusion, that it’s necessary to elaborate a united legal base for all the companies, engaged in sea-farming.

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