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Events and facts » May 17, 2006

The young cadres will help to solve the problems of the fishery industry

The future of the fishery industry is for the young! – such a claim has been made by the APFIC President, Dmitriy Glotov at the plenary session of the students scientific-practical conference “Scientific work is a base for the quality of preparation” in the DalRybVTUZ.

One of the main problems of the fishery industry is the lack of competent, well-prepared cadres. According to Dmitriy Glotov, today the quality of education in much depends upon the student himself, his capacity to work and purposefulness. The modern economy is presenting to a young specialist the conditions of tough rivalry and only a high level of scientific and practical knowledge would permit him to find a worthy job. Only by corresponding to the requirements put on by one or another functional working place it’s possible to “stay afloat” and not to drop away form the working process of a certain level. Either it would be necessary to look for other, simpler forms of activity.

Also at the Conference there were discussed the issues of fighting the poachers, the measures to modernize the fleet and the necessity to develop the conditions for the secondary processing of the fish products. Dmitriy Glotov has told students about the activities undertaken by the Association to promote these issues, The APFIC President has specially noted, that only a joint work of young specialists and veterans of the fishery industry may successfully solve the problems of the fishing-industrial complex of


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