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Association activities March 10, 2006

2d session of the APFE Council

On March 10 the members of the Association of the Primorye fishing-industrial enterprises Council have made up the results of the Pacific Squid catching by Primorye fishermen and have discussed the measures to increase its catching in 2006.

Last year the catching of Squid in the sub-zone of Primorye there were accomplishing practically four companies (NBAMR, TINRO-Center, Vostok-Trust and the fishing kolkhoz Primorets), which have sent out 9 vessels: three trawlers and six vessels equipped with vertical long-lines. According to the official statistics during the expedition there have been caught 184 tons of Squid, while the total quota in the near shore zone there amounted to 5 thousand tons (123 thousand tons in the exclusive economic zone).

During the work of the Squid expedition there has been done the analysis of the catching effectiveness of various types of vessels. Its results have shown, that a weak technical equipping, low performance characteristics and limited autonomy of a type RS-300 vessel do not permit it to compete with a medium Squid catching vessel Galmagi of the Nakhodka BAMR. The technical re-equipment of the obsolete vessels (type MRS, RS-300) is inexpedient. The expenses for their re-equipment wont be paid back. That is why its more effective to purchase specialized

Japan or Korea-built vessels.

Of great help in the work of the Primorye expedition last year there became the work of the ashore headquarters, engaged in information supply of the vessels at catching, namely the scientific group of the TINRO-Center which was offering the recommendations to the catchers. According to the APFE first vice-president, Alexander Platonov, an effective use of Squid quotas is possible only at the condition of establishing a united coordinating structure, that in principle impossible without an organizational and financial support of the Primorye territory Administration. Preliminary calculations show, that only for scientific grounding of the Squid catching there are required some 2.5 million of Rubles, - Mr.Platonov told at the APFE Council session last Friday. I suppose to apply to the Administration of the Primorye territory with a proposal to elaborate a program of using the resources of the Pacific Squid in the sub-zone of Primorye, including it into the territory budget either the Federal one.

Without a State support the Squid catching is unprofitable. The sessions participants have supported the proposal by Alexander Platonov, as well as have spoken for the timely preparation for the beginning of the expedition, not to repeat the last year story with the delay of vessels coming out to catch. There was recommended for the fishing organizations to request information on the forthcoming catching from the Association and the TINRO-Center.

The prospective of the Salmon farming in Primorye has become one more theme for the discussion for the Council members at the session on Friday. There are available the conditions for salmon farming on the territory of Primorye the chief of laboratory for technical assistance to the sea-farming development of the TINRO-Center, Gennadiy Kurganskiy, and they are rather good. At the most modest calculations the local rivers can breed some 15 thousand tons of Salmons a year. In the Primorye territory there are some 25 rivers, which optimally suit for growing up the production population of Chum and Cherry salmons. These are the rivers of Terneyskiy, Olginskiy and Lazovskiy rions of Primorye, as well as of the Southern part of Primorye, where the primorye Salmon is being reproduced.

In the Far East there are operational 27 fish-farms, the main bulk of them is concentrated at Kamchatka and at

Sakhalin island. Primorye is on the last place in the hatchery list. And that all is due, according to Gennadiy Kurganskiy, to the fact of rather high cost of the artificial reproduction , which requires significant finance and time expenses.

Primorye Salmon program has been developed by the TINRO-Center even in 1994, however its not loosing its actuality up to-day. New conditions of catching, the changed situation with catching in the exclusive economic zone and in the high seas all that is placing the fishery companies in front of a necessity to look for new resources. For Primorye fishermen there could come the times, when the catching in other zones of the Far East basin would become complicated and they would come across with the necessity to develop the reproduction of Salmons at local rivers, - urganskiy said. The scientists report has been approved by the Association Council, there has been adopted a decision to apply with a proposal to the Primorye territory authorities to develop a concept program of Salmons breeding

The third issue discussed by the sessions participants, there used to become the draft of the Industry Agreement on tariffs, developed with the active participation of the APFIC. On February 15 it has been adopted by the Commission, affirmed by the Order of the Federal Agency for fishing of October 13, 2005, nevertheless until now it remains not signed in much because of discrepancies in views with the Fishermen Trade-Union. That is why the Council has ruled out to arrange a joint meeting with the Trade-Union authorities and to elaborate a unified position, which would suite the both sides. According to Natalia Kazakova, the legal department director of the Managing company BAMR, the previous Tariffs Agreement has been signed without taking into account the opinions of the employers-ship-owners, that could badly influence the activity of many fishery enterprises, which cannot all the time ensure a fixed income for its employees. It is a well-known story of legal actions against Nakhodka BAMR, to have lost as a result of adopting a little thought over document some 12 million of Rubles. The Agreement in a new edition is taking into account the interests of employers and looks more realistic as compare to the previous document, signed without participation of the APFIC.

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