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Events and facts » September 12, 2006

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Keta salmon is approaching – welcome, Keta!

The spawning places of the Avvakumovka river soon will be filled with the fish

The run of the fish has been started in the Olga bay, in the North of the Primorye territory. Soon it will go up for spawning in rivers. The fishermen of the fishing kolkhoz, “Moryak-Rybolov” are going to meet the fish well prepared, they have already put their nets at the Avvakumovka river. This year the kolkhoz has been allocated the quota of 38.5 tons, that is much more than the quota last year, only 7 tons. This is the first industrial (commercial) quota to be allocated officially at Avvakumovka river, as several years ago only the poachers used to be the landlords of the river. The spawning places weren’t guarded and the population of the Primorye Keta could be fully destroyed. However the measures undertaken by the Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies together with the Administration of the Primorye territory to struggle the poaching catching have led to te fact the river had been closed for the illegal fishermen. The scientists have helped to reveal the spawning possibilities of the Avvakumovka river and the fishing kolkhoz “Moryak Rybolov” have successfully used the last year quota of 7 tons. The fishermen say there is becoming more and more fish in the river with every passing year. At present the fish will stay to feed up for a certain time in the bay. Specialist explain – it is desalinatinig before going up the river for spawning

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