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Events and facts » September 21, 2006

Korean fishermen are interested in the cooperation with the Russian fishermen

The prospective of the partnership has been discussed by the APFIC President, Dmitriy Glotov and the Director of the Commercial department of the Republic of Korea Consulate General (KOTRA), Mr.Kim Kyun Yul

The Korean specialist was interested in the development of the fishery industry in the Far East. Besides, Mr.Kim Kyun Yul has invited the enterprises, making part of the APFIC, to the Sea and Seaproduct Exhibition in Busan in November. According to the KOTRA representatives, a lot of Korean companies are willing to establish good relations with the Russian fishery businessmen. The APFIC President has told about the Association activities and the directions of cooperation with the Korean partners. During the meeting there has been raised the issue of poaching. Dmitriy Glotov has noted, that as of to-day the APFIC had applied for help to all the governmental organizations which are able to solve the problem of the fish products, illegally caught in Russian waters receipt in the foreign ports. The participants of the meeting have noted, that the cooperation between the Russian and the Korean fishermen should come to a new level of quality.

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