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Events and facts December 8, 2006

13 items of products by the NBAMR turned out to be hits of the exhibition Fish. Sea products. Far East 2006

The enterprise was awarded a gold medal of the exhibition For the stable quality and the great skill

With the highest decoration of the seventh international exhibition Fish. Sea products. Far East 2006, held in Khabarovsk from November 29 till December 2, there has been awarded the enterprise, the APFIC member, Nakhodka BAMR. To the exhibition there participated the producers of fish products of a high processing grade, the enterprises specialized in development, assembling and commissioning the modern technological equipment, fishing gears, producers of the most sophisticated bio-active additives to the food stuff out of the sea products. The hits of the sale-exhibition there became 13 items of delicacy quick frozen prefabricated products out of Alaska Pollock fillet and mince, produced at one of the BAMR integral enterprises at the Ashore processing complex. There were presented for the competent judgment Sea slim steak, Far East cutlet, fish sticks Fishy, Captain, Tender and Aromatic.

There were appreciated the packaging and the marking of the products, the stability of its quality, confirmed by numerous diplomas and certificates. There were taken into account both the external aspect of the frozen and prepared product and its taste qualities. The jury has estimated at true worth the BAMR specialists professional approach to the production of ecologically clean, tasty and useful fish food. Moreover that the BAMR pre-fabricates have received the general recognition of the numerous visitors of the exhibition, as they have swept off the shelves all the cartons with the fish food, that surely had also been taken into account by the Commission at choosing the pretender for the highest prize. For the first time the Nakhodka BAMR has presented at the exhibition the samples of the fish fillets, mince and squid circles individually frozen. This is a new kind of products for the company, which would permit in the nearest future to produce a precious protein product pre-fabricates for fast cooking.

It should be noted, that the products of the BAMR Ashore processing complex not a once were highly appreciated at all-Russia and international exhibitions and competitions. To numerous diplomas and awards there has been added one more the gold medal For the stable quality and the great skill.

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