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Events and facts » March 12, 2007

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Rotation of the Primorye fishermen top persons

Changes in the APFIC leadership

Today there took place the General Meeting of the Association of Primorye fishery industry companies (APFIC), where the President had been reelected. In
this position Dmitriy Glotov had been changed by George Martynov, whose candidature was coordinated with all the APFIC members. The Vice-Governor
Alexander Tabachenko, who participated to General Meeting, has noted that the Primorsky territory Administration supports the candidature of George
Martynov and expressed his assuredness that the constructive cooperation between the Territory Administration and the Association would continue.

The changes in the leadership of the Association are related to the fact that all the tasks put two and a half years ago, when the President of the
Association had become Dmitriy Glotov, have been accomplished. The APFIC became one of the most authoritative public organizations in Russia. Many
positive changes and trends in the fishery industry, namely the Law on fishing, Amendments to the Federal Law on the State Border, combating the poaching,
- all that was initiated thanks to the active work of the Association.

According to Dmitriy Glotov, the most powerful side of the APFIC work is the fact of a collegial adoption of decisions, from the point of view of the
Russian State interests, strengthening the competitiveness of our economy. That"s why the APFIC work should be continued at the level achieved.

The new APFIC President, George Martynov, has presented at the meeting his program of the further Association activities" development. "The main thing is
to preserve the successiveness of the course, elaborated by the previous president, Dmitriy Glotov", - he said. "within the previous three years there had
been done a lot in the law-making sphere, modernizing the tax sphere, development of ship-building, defending the interests of Primorye fishermen. Our
goal is to lead up to the logic finish all those projects and to continue our work to raise the competitiveness of the Primorye fishery industry. It"s
very important to continue the realization of the RF President, Vladimir Putin errand, in regard the delivery of all the fish caught to the Russian shore.
Also, it will be necessary to solve the problem of the secondary turnover of the shares in the total industrial quotas" amount and to make efforts to
attain the reduction of the Marine Living resources, at which the Total allowable catching limits are established" - noted the new APFIC President.

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