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Events and facts June 15, 2007

George Martynov: Its hard to overestimate the importance of the public hearings to discuss the TAC for the Primorye fishermen

In Vladivostok there were held the public hearings on the forecast of the TAC of marine living resources in the Far East basin in 2008. The Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies used to be the initiator of the hearings.

To the public hearings there were participating the TINRO-Center and the Territory Administrations Department for fishery specialists, the APFIC President and Vice-president, George Martynov and Peter Churkin, public organizations representatives, journalists and Primorye citizens.

At the opening of the public hearings George Martynov noted: Public hearings are meant to give a possibility to fishermen, citizens of the Territory and representatives of public organizations to express their proposals and remarks, related to observing the ecology norms at determining the TAC figures.

Thus, in accordance with the Law On the ecology expertise every citizen of the Territory has the right to put forward proposals on observing the ecology norms of business and other activities to influence upon the environment.

Timely and correct holding the public hearings for Primorye fishermen is of special importance, - the APFIC President told, - To-day the fishery enterprises employees got a possibility to directly, without intermediates, apply to representatives of the science and to receive answers to the most important issues related to the TAC determining. Besides, upon the timely holding the public hearings there depends the timely conducting the ecology expertise and TAC approving and, consequently, the timely start of the catching season.

As the TINRO-Center specialists noted, all the remarks by the event participants will be fixed in the protocol of the public hearings and will be taken into account at conducting the State ecology expertise.

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