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Events and facts August 21, 2007

George Martynov: The Head of the Federal Fishery Agency is ready for cooperation with the fishery public

Discussion of problems of the Russian fishery-industrial complex became the main theme of the working conference held in Moscow by the Head of the Federal Fishery Agency, Andrey Krayniy with the officials of the industrys associations of the

Russian federations subjects related to the fishery. Deputy Minister of agriculture in charge of fishery issues, Vladimir Izmaylov, also participated to the conference.

The Primorsky territory was represented by the head of the Fishery Department of the Primorsky Administration, Igor Uleyskiy, President of the association of the Primorye fishery industry companies, George Martynov, deputy general director of the TINRO-Center, Yuriy Blinov, executive director of the Pollack Association, Alexander Tashkin.

According to George Martynov, at the conference the Head of the FAR paid a great deal of attention to the situation in the industry. Its important that the vision and the ways to solve the problems of the Russian fishery-industrial complex of the Primorsky territorys Administration, the APFIC and the RF Ministry of agriculture coincide. Andrey A.Krayniy, as well as the fishermen, understands that the basis for the industrys well-doing is the legal space, and depending upon how correct the Laws On fishing, On the State Border, On fauna will be applied there will depend the protection of the fishery business. Thus he completely supported the idea of modernization if the fishery legislation.

Besides, Andrey Krayniy supported the idea of an obligatory declaration of the fish caught within the exclusive economic zone of Russia in Russian ports, by calling this a measure of development of coastal infrastructure and combating the poaching. Also, the Head of the FAR paid a great attention at the aquaculture development and the necessity of changing the Fishing Rules.

The APFIC President stressed, that Andrey Krayniy is extremely interested in communicating with fishermen and relies upon their support in solving the industrys problems. The conference was initiated not by fishermen, but by the Head of the FAR himself. It is the first time within the last 10-15 years and this meeting permits to say that there was started a constructive dialogue between fishermen and the Power.

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