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Events and facts September 12, 2007

Vladimir Pekhtin met the Far East fishermen

Far East fishermen pronounced their problems at the meeting with the first deputy of the United Russia party leader, deputy chairman of the RF State Duma, Vladimir Pekhtin, which took place to-day in the TINRO-Center. The meeting was organized by the Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies and the Political Council of the Primorye branch of the United Russia party.

Opening the conference Vladimir Pekhtin told: We all know that the fishery is making up to 70% of the budget base of not only the Primorsky region, but of Magadan, Kamchatka and

Sakhalin region. But the most important is that because of the successful fishery there depends the food safety of

Russia. Fishermen have their Law On fishing, though it does not suit everybody, that is the base from which its possible to start, to make amendments to. Sure, its better to find out about the most acute problems of the

Far East fishermen from the first mouth. Im sure that our to-days meeting will be fruitful and your proposals will be taken into account at developing the amendments to the Law.

The APFIC President, George Martynov, told Vladimir Pekhtin about the necessity of lifting off the industrial quotas separation to quotas of the near-shore fishing and the quotas in the exclusive economic zone of Russia: The near-shore fishing we propose to call it in case the fish caught is being delivered ashore, not when it was caught within the 12-miles zone. And the near-shore fishing should be stimulated in other ways, for example, by reducing the fee for catching the marine living resources.

Another important problem is the necessity to declare the fish products in the Russian ports. It will permit to develop the shore infrastructure of our country and will ensure the additional jobs, - George Martynov stressed.

Besides, during the meeting there were discussed the issues of necessity of the soonest introduction of the procedure for multiple crossing the State border at catching, the establishment of a unique executive power federal body for fishery, to transfer there all the authorities of regulation, protection and reproduction of the marine living resources.

In the end of the meeting Vladimir Pekhtin promised to fishermen that all their proposals will be taken into account at approving the amendments to the Law On fishing.

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