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Events and facts September 26, 2007

Andrey Krainiy: Weve got a full rights ministry of fishery

The Head of the State fishery committee (GKR), Andrey Kraimiy, met the Primorye fishermen. He told about the GKR plans for the nearest year and about the ways of solving the most acute fishery problems.

Opening the working meeting, the Head of the GKR said: Ive been to quite all the corners of the

Far East region and the most pleasant Impression remained after visiting Primorye. There is the highest quantity of population and its main part consists of fishermen and their families. I know, you have a lot of problems, however all of them can be solved. Today weve achieved quite impossible thing in the existing in the country conditions weve got a full rights ministry, called the State fishery committee, which united all its functions. The GKR will be directed by the RF Government. I know that it will increase many times the effectiveness of the Russian fishery-industrial complex work.

Andrey Krainiy also told about the plans of his work for the nearest year: First of all, its necessary to prepare the economic grounds for the realization of the program Russian fish to the Russian shore. Its necessary to reduce the cost of the sea and transportation deliveries for Russian fish producers at transporting the fish from the Far East Federal District to other regions of the country. Its especially important in this relation to make cheaper the rail-way transportations. I think, by January 1, 2008 the deliberation to reduce the rail-way tariffs by at least 50% will soon enter into force.

The Head of the GKR also declared about the necessity to fix the shares to enterprises for the period of not less than 10 years. But the shares will be fixed to only the fair companies: well establish for you the conditions of work, however you should wage fair fishing, not poaching, and not to be engaged in quotas selling. In case an enterprise would be caught red handed, its shares and vessels will be confiscated. Only a tough approach could solve the problem of poaching.

Besides, Andrey Krainiy stressed the necessity of the Russian ports modernization and lifting up the quotation of certain species of the marine living resources. Thus, the Head of the GKR believes it necessary to quote only endangered species, while the catching of other species should be regulated by limitation of catching period, fishing grounds and the types of fishing gears.

Also, during the working conference the fishermen put forward proposals on how to make other countries reject the products of obvious poaching origin. Andrey Krainiy promised to take into account all the proposals supplied.

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