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Events and facts November 26, 2007

APFIC accomplished a great deal of legislative work in 2007

The main issue of the regular session of the Association of the Primorye Fishery Industry Companies Council used to be the annual report of the working group on legislative work.

According to the head of the working group, the General Director of the DALRYBA JSC, Vyacheslav Moskaltsov, within the year a great deal of work has been accomplished. This year turned to be especially productive in a sense of adopting laws, - Vyacheslav Moskaltsov stressed.

A special achievement of the APFIC working group was named by the Councils members the introduction of amendments to the Article 25 of the Tax Code and the adoption of the Rules of Fishing for the

Far East basin.

The attempt to make amendments to the Federal Law On fishing and the preservation of the marine living resources turned out to be not so much successful. The group was working practically over five variants of amendments within this year, however they havent produced an expected result. The thing is that Law adopted by the moment by the RF State Duma in three readings has a recommendation character, the lawmakers havent supported it with the juridical material norms, - Yuriy Moskaltsov noted.

Participants to the meeting proposed to introduce into the working plans of the APFIC working group on legislation, in the nearest future, the economic and juridical expertise of the new variant of the Law and to start again the work on working out the amendments to it.

In case we want to work ahead of schedule, alas in this situation only that kind of work could be successful, - Yuriy Moskaltsov said, -the fishery business community of the Far East region should create an own variant of the Law and to promote it with all possible means. In this case there will be necessary the help both the other public organizations of fishermen and the Administration of the territory, and the help of qualified advocates, economists and scientists. Also it will be necessary to strengthen the own representation in

Moscow to promote the proper interests at site. There will be required additional financial efforts for the purpose and the fishermen should clearly understand that.

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