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Events and facts April 9, 2008

Georgy Martynov: Seizure of vessels on fishing grounds suggests the intention to delete Primorye from the list of applicants for quotas

The coming quota distribution might be the reason for numerous arrests of the vessels in Alaska pollack expedition in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Thus, fishing companies allegedly found out in poaching may have their contracts for sharing quotas in the total volume of commercial quotas cancelled, and themselves deleted from the lists of applicants for the shares for the next 10 years. Georgy Martynov, President of Primorye Fishing Companies Association stated the above at the regular press conference on the currently urgent fishermens problem, the problem of vessels seizure on fishing grounds.

Since March 14, 2007 State Maritime Inspection officers have seized more than 30 vessels of Far Eastern fishing companies including 14 Primorye vessels. Vessels of the large and law-abiding JSC Turnif, JSC Roliz, Ogni Vostoka Fishing Farm from Primorye are among them. Due to free interpretation of Fishing Rules frontier guards charged fishermen with poaching, and administrative proceedings are now pending. Meanwhile, a day of demurrage for m/v Archer alone owned by Roliz is estimated by experts as over 600 thousand rubles loss, however, the vessel has been in detention for more than three weeks! Imagine the loss for the regional economy caused by underexploitation of quotas, outstanding wages for the seized vessels crews and, naturally, delayed tax payments to national budget, - says President of Primorye Association of Fishing Enterprises.

Georgy Martynov also emphasizes that head of State Fishing Committee Andrey Krainiy is supportive of fishermen: The telegram from Andrey Krainiy addressed to RF FSB and North-East Boarder Department of Russian FSB Coast Guard says that there is no legal regulation for the determination of pollack roe output, or any approved and published procedure or any other act, although fishing law suggests ready-made product output, rather than raw unprocessed roe, as a basis for pollack roe rated output determination. Andrey Krainiy also informs that on April 1st 2008 RF State Fishing Committee ordered to approve Fishing Rules for Far Eastern fishing basin, where daily (pollack roe output) in p. 11.13 is replaced by monthly average. In this way the problem of Fishing Rules interpretation will be settled in favor of fishermen as soon as the order takes effect upon registration by Russian Ministry of Justice.

Georgy Martynov also noted at the press-conference that Primorye fishermen were preparing an address to RF President with the request to solve the problem and to stop the series of ship seizures.

Moreover, Primorye Association of Fishing Enterprises will insist on fish protection functions delegation to RF State Fishing Committee, - added President of Primorye Association of Fishing Enterprises.

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