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Events and facts » July 10, 2008

The Fishermen Day

Dear fishermen and all those associated with the fishery industry! Please, accept the sincerest congratulations with the professional holiday, the Fishermen Day!              
Fisherman’s trade is one on the oldest in Russia. At all times people of the most dangerous occupation in the world worked hard to maintain traditions of their fathers and grandfathers who bound themselves with the sea.
Commercial fishing is now paying unvalued contribution to national economy development. Solidary fishing teams are keeping their fair and honest watch in the world ocean ensuring national food safety.
Fishermen have many problems and it is our mission to overcome them.
Russia needs to shift to integrated marine bioresources use and aquaculture development, to coastal fishing facilitation and revival of social and economic life in fishermen settlements. Our work for the future will be based on production and life experience of Russian fishermen.
I am sure we can restore a world leading fishing state status for Russia.
   I wish happiness and health to you and your families, fishermen luck and further fruitful work for the benefit of the industry!
President of the Primorye Association of Fishing enterprises
George G.Martynov

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