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Events and facts October 17, 2007

The Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies continues participation in Primorye spawning streams protection

Interagency task force (ITF) on anti-poaching operations in salmon rivers spawning grounds works successfully this fall as well. According to the tradition, vice president of Fishing Enterprises Association Alexandr Platonov participated in the work of ITF. The group was headed by the member of Primorsky regional Administration fishery department Vitaliy Averkov.

We protect almost all the main rivers of Olginsky district from poaching, surpass the access ways to them, providing maximum access for Onconhynchus keta to the spawning areas. ITF started its work in spawning grounds on October 1, and during this period inspectors have issued 122 protocols. 4 criminal proceedings have been instituted, 5 more are under inspection, - reported Alexandr Platonov .

According to chief Vice Premier of ARPP, even though keta access ways to spawning grounds are almost half less than last year, the amount of poachers increased.

The point is that new fishing regulations loosen up, which is convenient for violators. For example, before , we could not only forbid crossing the rivers, but we could forbid people even be near the places of k eta spawning. Now it is extremely difficult to prove that a person near the spawning river with cropping tools in not-working condition is a poacher.

In addition to direct anti - poaching operations, our task force conducts anti-corruption operation s among those, who is to protect water biological resources. At this rate, during the operation, the criminal proceedings have been instituted against the Governmental inspector of Rosselkhoznadzor department in Primorsky krai Gariy Bushuev, who organized transportation of illegally harvested k eta, said Alexandr Platonov .

The results of protective activities for the previous years, according to specialists prognoses, will be viewed in the year 2008. There are f ish flows expected in the rivers of Olginsky region , coming from the eggs of keta which got a chance of spawning in the previous years.

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