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Events and facts June 7, 2007

Fishery enterprises, the APFIC members, step forward for the responsible fishing

Fishery enterprises, ROLIZ JSC and the NBAMR JSC, being the members of the Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies, step forward for the responsible fishing and the reasonable approach in the sphere of ecology. It was declared by the General Director of the Nakhodka BAMR JSC, Serguey Kononyuk at the plenary session of the Second International ecology forum, which was opened yesterday in Vladivostok.

At the session there were present the State officials and famous scientists from Moscow, St.Petersburg and Russian regions, as well as from Japan,

Republic of

Korea, China Finland and the

USA. The session was conducted by the


Territory vice-governor for agriculture, natural resources and fishery, Alexander Tabachenko.

According to Serguey Kononyuk, the speech of a fishery company at the Forum wasnt an occasional one. For the first time at an ecology oriented event there speak the fishermen, and that means a lot. To-day there comes the time of responsible fishing. Literally several years ago the overfishing could amount to some 50%, but the times of barbaric exploitation of the marine living resources are staying in the past - Serguey Kononyuk stressed.

The speaker noted, that in the agenda there is the certification in accordance with the ecology standards of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Many retail traders to-day reject buying the Russian fish namely because of the MSC certificates absence at the Russian suppliers. ROLIZ JSC and Nakhodka BAMR JSC were the first to start cooperating with the scientists of the TINRO-Center and the representatives of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in this direction. At the moment the preparation is underway for the preliminary evaluation of conformity, which will determine to what extent our fishery corresponds to the world ecology standards and how could we approach to them - Serguey Kononyuk said.

The President of the Association of the Primorye fishery companies, George Martynov, has noted the initiative by the ROLIZ JSC and the NBAMR JSC: These companies are the first in Primorye to express their readiness for actions, necessary to obtain the MSC international certificate. Im sure, that such a step would be an example for all other fishery companies of the Territory.

Serguey Kononyuk, in his speech also noted the necessity of holding the certification of all kinds of catching in

Russia and compiling the register of vessel as per each type of catching, that will exclude the poachers vessels. There must be modernized the fishing gears, there should be adopted in the fishery companies the corresponding codes of responsible fishing, which are already effective in the Nakhodka BAMR JSC and the ROLIZ JSC the speaker said.

Besides, the General Director of the Nakhodka BAMR JSC proposed a measure to combat the illegal catching. The idea is to organize a satellite monitoring of the catching processes. Thus, each trawl must be equipped with special sensors to weigh the catching output and the information from the sensor should be collected by the satellite.

In the end, Serguey Kononyuk said: With the help of the measures proposed we will come faster to the realization of the responsible fishing principles with continuing the fishing as long as we wish. With that there will be preserved the health of the eco-systems and the maximum high level of the industrial resources, as well as there will be minimized the damage by our activities.

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