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Events and facts September 6, 2006

The best products are of the APFIC members enterprises

To such a conclusion the jury members of the contest held during the Pacific Future Fishery 2006 Exhibition

The winners of the fish products contest organized for the participants of the Pacific Future Fishery 2006 Exhibition, held within the framework of the First international fishery congress, have become the enterprises members of the Association of the Primorye fishery companies. In the meantime there were 36 kinds of products pretending to win the contest. The best conserves there were acknowledged Sea-weeds with dried apricots and Sea-weeds with prunes, produced by Yuzhmorrybflot company. The company has been developing these products together with the TINRO-Center, in September 2006, at Khabarovsk international fair the products made of the sea-weeds, have won the big gold medal. According to the head of the Yuzhmorrybflot laboratory,
Ida Baygacheva, Certain people doesnt like the sea-weeds, but they have invented an original scale of taste, the dried apricot gives a sugary flavor, and even children are eating our product with pleasure. As the sea-weed contains iodine and other mineral elements, it is naturally very healthy. During the tasting we heard from many customers positive responses about these conserves. Another winner there has become the The Squid, smoked and stuffed, produced by the Dalrybvtuz, which has been presenting 16 items of the fish products. At the annual exhibitions in Moscow and St.Petersburg, The Squid has got positive responses not a once. The producers have heard many times about the desire to know the technology of producing such type of a product. The secret of the taste is that the Squid is stuffed with the cheese and prepared with the use of a non-standard technology, they believe. At the Pacific Future Fishery 2006 Exhibition there were many of those willing not only to taste the products, but to purchase them, - Ekaterina Shumeiko, the head of the scientific methodic department of the Dalrybvtuz (Federal State educational institution).

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