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Международный конгресс рыбаков. г.Владивосток

Association activities » August 29, 2006

Dmitriy B.Glotov, President of the Association of the Primorye fishing-industrial enterprises

The International Fishery Congress continues the work of the Far-Eastern Forum of the fishing industry which has been taking place in 2004 and 2005. In

Vladivostok there has bee established a unique communicative site for fishermen, State power bodies and the science. The precedent Forums have shown the extent of importance for the participants of the fishery-industrial activity to unite, then remaining the competitors, to look for mutual understanding in solving the most general problems of the fishing industry. Holding such meetings permits to exchange opinions, information, to establish new and to strengthen the former business ties.

The rise in the activity of the fishermen associations in

Russia has contributed to establishing a constructive dialogue with the State power bodies. The result turned out to be the acceleration of studying and adopting a number of important normative acts. Among them the one on simplifying the procedure of crossing the State border by fishing vessels at near-shore catching, the approval of the mechanism of transferring the shares in the total volume of quotas of the marine living resources at conducting the industrial catching, the draft of the governmental decree on exporting the fish products only after declaring it in the Russian ports, the establishment of the basin scientific-industrial councils.

We have to settle a number of problems, having not only the national, but the international significance.

First of all, that is struggle with the illegal catching. Protection of the water living resources is an all over the world problem, as the poachers aren’t stopped by national borders.

Second, that is the development of the secondary, deep processing of the fish products at the Russian territory. That is the basis for stability of all the fishing-industrial complex and of each fishery collective, these are the guaranteed receipts of taxes to the budgets of all the levels, and finally that is the alimentary and economic security of


Our country has a competitive advantage, that is the availability of stable raw resources of the marine living resources and they should be wisely used to organize the complete chain: catching, processing, selling. Without saying, it would infringe on the interests of many people, that is why we have to analyze the structure of the international market of fish products from the point of view of more active Russian companies participation to.


The effective solution of these tasks and other ones is possible only through the consolidation of all the fishermen. The stronger our unity – the more qualitative decisions to be taken in the fishing industry. Here came the time to discuss them with our colleagues from other countries. I’m sure, that the International Fishery Congress in

Vladivostok will make its worthy input into this process. We must remember, that the seas’ and oceans’ waters aren’t separating, but are uniting our peoples and states.

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