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Events and facts » April 4, 2007

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Fishermen discussed the draft of the Aquaculture development in the Primorsky territory

The Program favors to not only the aquaculture development, but to the fishery industry as a whole

The round table session, dedicated to the discussion of the draft of the "Concept of the Primorsky territory Aquaculture development" took place
yesterday in Vladivostok. To the session there participated the leaders of aquaculture enterprises, representatives of the Fishery Department of the
Primorsky territory Administration, Association of the fishery industry companies, science, control organs, credit organizations and other interested
people. The participants discussed the factors restraining the development of aquaculture in Primorye. 
According to them they are:
- lack of normative-legal base , regulating the activities of aquaculture enterprises,
- lack of financial support from the State,
- lack of innovative treatments to develop technologies and widening the number of objects to be cultivated.

The main thing, according to Viktor Pokotilov, the general director of the "Nereida" company limited, is to establish a wise mechanism of the aquaculture
management. Right because of lack of management, either the common technological standards and the financial fund to support the innovation programs -
it"s impossible to attract the investment, thus the enterprises have to be developed at the account of the own funds. In the mean time, only for the
initial infrastructure, needed for breeding of some 10 million of the Trepang  alevins, there are required about $7 million.

According to Valeriy Akulin, the deputy director general of the FGUP TINRO-Center, the inclusion of aquaculture into the National project of the
agriculture development is the achievement of fishermen. However, in the process of the enterprises development there can arise another problem - the
problem of the feed for fish. According to Valeriy Akulin this problem should be seriously worked at.

Thus the main component of the fish feed is the fish meal, the process for are skyrocketing today at eh world markets. With that only the fish ponds
require some 10 thousand tons of feed. However in Primorye the fish meal is being produced in the amounts not sufficient for the purpose.

The Deputy of the Primorsky territory Legislative Assembly, Tatiana Zabolotnaya, noted, that for the first time, at elaborating the amendments to the Law
"On agriculture" by the deputies, there had been added the issue of fish-farming. She made a proposal to complete it with the issue of feed production and
promised to support all the issues discussed at the conference.

As of to-day in the Primorsky territory there are active 36 enterprises of aquaculture. The project of the aquaculture development, discussed during the
round table session, is aimed at solving the problems of the enterprises. The Program itself would influence not only upon the development of this type of
activity. It will permit to make a step forward for the ashore production infrastructure, for the secondary processing, will raises the competitiveness of
the fish products, will develop the local and the foreign markets, as well as will ensure the employment of the population of the villages adjacent to the

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