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Events and facts » April 2, 2007

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APFIC President met the journalists

He told about the priority directions of the APFIC activity at the new stage of development

The President of the APFIC, George Martynov, told to-day at the press-conference about the goals and the tasks of the Association.

In his address speech the APFIC President mentioned the priority directions of the Association"s activities at the new stage of its development.
According to him the main attention will be paid at realizing the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin"s errands on the obligatory declaration of the whole
fish production at the Russian shore. "For all the fish to come to the Russian shore - it should be necessary to open the domestic market of Russia for
the fishermen and to create the conditions for them to come to Russian ports" - George Martynov said.

The change in the approach to the issue of quotas allocation is also an important direction of the APFIC work. To-day quotas are allocated to companies
for five years. "It"s good. The quotas should be allocated for companies for 10-15 years" - the APFIC President believes. "Our principal disagreement with
the quotas" allocation mechanism is the following: the shares of quotas are allocated by regions and, also, they are divided into 12-miles" zone quotas
and the Exclusive economic zone quotas" - George Martynov noted.

According to the Association President the law-making direction will still remain the priority one in the APFIC work. In order to raise the
competitiveness of the fishery industry complex it"s vitally important to remove all the shortcomings in the legislation. That is the further work over
the Law "On fishery" , over introducing the amendments into the Art.25.1 of the RF Tax Code in regard to payment  and collection of fees for the use of
the marine living resources. There should be elaborated the law on aquaculture in order to legally regulate the activity of enterprises engaged in raising
aquaculture species and to achieve a simplified procedure for crossing the State border by the fishing vessels at catching.

George Martynov told the journalists about the APFIC plans related to the ship-building development. According to him, of great importance to-day is to
elaborate and to coordinate the types of vessels necessary for the industry"s development as well as to convey the coordinated fishermen position to the
State power bodies.

A special attention was paid by the APFIC President to the preparation of the State Council"s session. He told about the proposals the fishermen had
prepared for the report"s draft. 

Journalists were also interested in not only the APFIC collaboration with other Far East fishery industry organizations, but in the issues of terms and
costs of ship building in the Far East, possibilities of Chinese and Korean expansion to the Territory"s fish market, etc. The APFIC President noted, that
the Association will still be working for the fishermen benefit, on their consolidation and to represent their interests at the powers" bodies.
"Only being united the fishermen will be able not only discuss the industry"s problems, but to influence upon their solution", George Martynov said. 

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