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Events and facts April 27, 2007

Vladimir Putin, the RF President in his Annual Message to the Federal Assembly paid attention at the fishery industrys problems

Russia should stop issuing quotas to foreign companies to catch the marine living resources

It was declared yesterday by the RF President, Vladimir Putin, in his annual message to the Federal Assembly. In the majority of countries the fishery industries are closed for the foreigners, Vladimir Putin said. The President also noted that

Russia should develop first of all the shore processing industry. Vladimir Putin applied to the Government with the request to elaborate a system of measures to ensure an effective Customs control and to stop the illegal catching and the poaching.

The APFIC enterprises and all the fishermen of the Primorsky territory feel gratitude to Vladimir Putin, as the President in his annual message to the Federal Assembly for the first time stressed the attention to the fishery problems. It means , that our efforts to establish cooperation with the State Power bodies havent been in vane, commented the RF President, Vladimir Putins words the President of the Association of the Primorye fishery industry companies, George Martynov.

"Development of the Russian ashore processing of the marine living resources has a strategic meaning for the development of the fishery industry. The APFIC declared not a once, that the fishery industry should liquidate its export orientation. We will continue to fight for all the Russian fish to be delivered to the Russian shore, not be sold abroad as a raw. The substitution of the raw products by the secondary processing products will permit to the fishery industrial complex to increase the tax-paying base and to establish new jobs, - the APFIC President told.

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